This is Kuma

When Kuma goes to stage, the space goes crazy.


Hi! We are Kuma

Latin madness rhythm full of love around the world.

Kuma is a band that stands out for its diversity and musical eclecticism, fusing genres such as funk, cumbia, forró, samba, reggae, dub, alternative rock, indie rock, and gypsy. The combination of these styles creates a unique and exciting sonic identity that is distinguished by its energy and passion on stage. The band’s ability to integrate different elements and genres in their music makes for a unique and unforgettable sensorial experience for their listeners. Their music is an explosion of energy and passion that takes you on an intense and exciting musical journey. With a strong stage presence and an unbreakable connection with their audience, Kuma stands out as an emerging band that is changing the game. Get ready to dance, jump, and sing along with Kuma, a band you can’t afford to miss.


Kuma is high-voltage vibratory frequencies channeled through music.

It can be subtle and whispered, in those songs that caress you deeply and brand you with their color, or high and powerful.

The show can all be expressed with one word: flow, since everyone in Kuma is in sync from the musicality of feeling, something they embody on stage and in their lives, moving to this beat that pushes everything. Rhythms are varied and have a rich mixture stemming from a continuous life journey, the Brazilian forró, samba and xote, the tango and cumbia that arrive from Argentina and its influences, all of which mark the groove of dancing on the shows, combined with other more psychedelic and high-energy sounds like rock ‘n roll, and an explosive and non-stop mise-en-scène, supported with the joy and abandon of the gipsy, the roaring guitar and the beat of percussion. A sensory experience all around and an unforgettable experience.



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Kuma in the Sun (2022)

Kuma & the Boyz (2017)

Kuma & the Octopus (2015)

Kuma & the Blond Elephant (2013)


  • Busker Festival Viena

    Viena, Austria.

  • Kulturufer

    Friederichshafen, Germany.

  • Tierra Festival

    Ronda, Spain.

  • Bascherdies Festival

    Vernasca, Italy.

  • Santa Sofía Busker Festival

    Santa Sofía, Italy.

  • The Dublin Castle

    London, England.

  • Institut for X

    Aarhus, Denmark.

  • Swedish Open

    Båstad, Sweden.

  • El Row x Amnesia

    Ibiza, Spain.

  • Ganjah Lapa

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Santísimo Agave

    Barcelona, Spain.

  • Casa Brava

    Rosario, Argentina.

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